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What Is AcadaPlus?

AcadaPlus is the premier school administration and analytics platform that offers school communities intuitive tools, dashboards, and insights to monitor and drive student performance.

Our mission is simple

Ensure that every stakeholder in the education system can access and leverage student data to elevate performance for all students.

Leverage data to enhance student achievement

Quickly access attendance, course grades, tests, demographics, observations, interventions and programs, and teacher information that is generated in schools daily. Gain insights and analytics that help schools modify instruction and better understand students’ needs in order to improve learning.


Who Uses AcadaPlus?

AcadaPlus provides benefits to all stakeholders in the school community.


On the go real-time holistic view on children’s performance to understand their unique needs, provide additional support, and engage with teachers and administrators to ensure children are performing at their highest potential.


Advanced classroom management tools without the complexity; readily available information to support student learning, and integrat ed early warning systems to identify students that need specialized attention is specific areas.


Understand what works and what needs improvement. Tools to monitor overall school performance – teachers, students, across key performance indicators.

Owners & Policymakers

Gain insights into performance at an aggregate level to support decision making and resource allocation to improve student learning.

AcadaPlus is a great resource for parents to get vital information about their children’s performance, and track their progress on the go. I believe it facilitates parent engagement with children’s performance in the classroom. Two thumbs up!

Innocent Akpudge – Teacher, Emerald Schools

Why AcadaPlus?

Productivity. Insights. Performance.

For primary and secondary schools who want to digitize their records, automate manual processes, and leverage their data to improve student performance, AcadaPlus is the ideal solution. Different from other competitors, AcadaPlus provides simple, intuitive apps to enhance teacher and administrator productivity, as well as data visualizations and analytics to enable teachers, students, parents, and administrators evaluate performance anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Explore AcadaPlus

One Platform. Many Benefits.

Launch Pad

Productivity dashboard providing access to apps, statistics and announcements.


Leverage real-time performance metrics to make sound data driven decisions.

Parent Portal

Parent access to student performance - report cards and historic data.


Manage your student attendance in school and subject classes.

Grade Book

Grade student assignments, tests and examinations.


Manage staff & student profile data.

Report Cards and more...

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